My Wicked Gladiators - Lauren Hawkeye
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I was really missing some erotica this year and when I see this book, thought it would be good and of course with lots of sex. This book is for people with open mind, because is set in Ancient Rome and in that time men enjoyed the company of other men without strings. So if you have something against M/M this is not for you.

I liked Alba and completely understand her situation. Her husband can’t make her pregnant and now his ludus needs some investment, the only issue is the family matter, since the new sponsor needs to see a commitment.

That’s when things start to look bad for Alba, because for once her husband treats her like everything else in the house, and force her to have sexual relations with men of his choice to produce an heir. Alba starts to enjoy these encounters more than she should because those man are gladiators and forbidden for her class.

I enjoyed the book and my only problem was the end, because I wanted to see more of their future. Plus Lucius deserved to suffer a bit more for all he made Alba go through.