West of Want (Hearts of the Anemoi) - Laura Kaye
After I finished North of Need and discovered I actually enjoyed these Gods, it was really easy to just jump on the next book and follow on these great fantasy series. Owen was a lower level God, but Zephyros is actually one of the cardinal and for that reason his life is more complicated and he needs to follow a few more rules.

One day after another disastrous situation where he met an older affair and became a bit frustrated with his life and how his always alone.

The thing is he’s not a bastard and it’s actually a great guy, but his younger brother, Eurus is vengeful and really stubborn and tries in every situation to make his life a living hell, after they both fell in love with the same women and Zephyrus won in the end.

Now Zephyros in infatuated with a new woman and Eurus is once again trying to make things fell apart, but Ella is actually intelligent and really smart and decided to follow her happiness after losing everything dear to her heart.

I liked these two together, because they both suffered in the hands of beloved persons and now are trying to start over. Zeph is really sweet and deserves a little love. Ella is a perfect woman and shows that in her actions, how much she loves the sea and her new found wealth can help her with that.

There are some things I don’t understand like Eurus obsession with Zeph and the way their father don’t do anything about it. How after so many Gods met Ella and neither one of them can discover her lineage and how strong she is.

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