Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh
This series keeps getting better and in this book the author showed a different side of both species. We got a new relationship between an ex-Arrow and a Psy who abandoned the PsyNet to save his family and is a very dark and powerful man. Judd is now refugee on the SnowDancer pack and is helping the wolfs against the Psy, one of his missions he helped save Brenna.

Brenna story is related to the first book and is traumatized by her past and how a twisted Psy tried to kill her. Now Brenna is suffering again because the pack discovered an spy is working from the inside. A wolf is responsible for what happened to her in the first place.

These two were hot together and we now know more of the Psy way of hiding it’s problems and Judd is responsible for a very dark side of the Psy revenge. He has issues about the past and is trying to work on the new revolution.

I liked this romance and the action was also very dark and showed a good side of this future. Brenna was strong and very beautiful girl, and I loved how she fought for how things were and she just wants her life back.

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