Hell on Wheels - Julie Ann Walker
I love a series filled with action and this time it was no difference, but the love story on this book was so much better than the first and we can feel the angst in some very crucial moments.

We all met Rebel in the first book and of course are well aware she is in love with Frank but we didn’t knew the reason he was trying to push her away so badly.

Luckily I found the explanation was satisfying because Frank is a tough guy and needed a very dark and obtuse place on his mind to made him want and hate at the same time. Its all connected with his past and very sad story. I really feel bad by all those moments he swore not to touch her while both only wanted a few moments together.

Rebel is a very fun girl and her story only showed her nature. she was kidnapped by pirates, and they used her knowledge on machines work for them. Of course Frank had to save her, plus we met Becky BFF and another romance is brewing for the future on this series.

But for this couple I only have great thoughts and words. Frank’s fear of the surgery was really cute to read and the way Becky finally discovered his secrets was so sweet. He’s a tough guy but very honorable.

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