Branded by Fire - Nalini Singh
This book was a bit different from the rest of the series because I never thought it was possivel for two different animals to mate. Okay these two species are somewhat similar, but they have so strong personalities that it was almost impossible to see them both together without a lot of fight.

The world is crazier than ever and we see the seed of a revolution inside the PsyNet, but of course the councilors are trying to stop all sort of manifestation and killing anyone involved with the so called break.

But there’s also lots of sexy scenes and we see the beginning of a new great romance. At first it was strange how they could overcome rules and their own pact. But I actually loved these two.

Mercy is strong and very capable, she works directly with Lucas and is very important to the pact, but also a very alpha woman that needed a even more stronger male to surrender.

Riley was a very closed person and we know how much he suffered trying to save his sister. But we could discover during the book, he feels guilty for what happened and nobody knew about his secrets.

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