Just One Drop - Quinn Loftis
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This is the third book in this series and it as been so much reading about Jacque and Fane, but we all wanted to see more of Jen and Decebel after we discovered that Jen has one drop of werewolves blood and if they could be mated, because there were sparks since the first glance.

Things as always are not dull and this book had a lot of adventure and even more, making this one the most dark book in this series. Another pack alpha tries to attack the Romania pack and there’s an event to help mate single werewolves since the species is vanishing now with less and less females being born.

Back to the important couple. We have Jen and her great sense of humor and courage against Decebel, he’s the beta for Fane’s father and has a great power, plus he’s boring and of course Jen uses this to spin his world upside down.But the relationship is very difficult, since there’s no sight of mating, no tattoo and he can’t listen to her thoughts, but they decide to investigate and give this relationship a try.

I loved this book and can’t wait to see how these two are going to handle things together, especially since now they are separated and Jen is lost in the hands of danger. Cliffhanger made me so anxious.