Just One More - Stephanie Beck
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From the moment I read the summary I just knew this book was exactly what I needed at the time. It has everything to make a story, family, commitment, lots of sex and the characters believe.

Gav has lots of troubles and not one of his relationships have a good ending, but Adam and Kit are two of the best friends he could have plus the sex between them is really great. Gav likes to be apart of some threesomes and sex with males is also good, but with Adam things are more intense and he’s afraid to lose the friendship over some egoistical feeling.

On the other end we have Adam and Kit want more than just some nights with Gav and both think together they are a full package. Adam is attracted to both females and males, but only after getting married that his life was better, since Kit understand and accept his wants and needs. Kit likes Gav but in a different level and more sexual than anything else, but she changed her feelings during the book.

I enjoyed this book and it’s more than just sex and hot scenes, the family is very important and I liked how they handled some actions from close minded persons. It’s a different style of life and the made it work, very nice.