Tied Up, Tied Down  - Lorelei James

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This is the first book on the other side of the family. Kade is a cousin from all the McKay's with a C from the previous books and he’s story actually started on Cowgirl Up and Ride. He and Skylar dated during a few weeks and when she realized he was lying to her and pretending to be his brother, she ended things with him. But what they didn’t knew was that on the only night during sex they forgot about condoms and now 12 months later there’s a new baby for the wild McKay's.

The thing is after Skylar dumped him, Kade decided to live on the mountains without a cellphone or connection with the normal excepted for a few talks with the family occasionally, so Skylar never managed to tell him about the pregnancy and thought he just dumped her.

After months now baby Elisa is already born when they actually managed to talk, of course the whole family knows about it and Elisa is such cute little girl and the first girl on the new generation. Without knowing about Elisa he actually wanted to get Skylar back and tried to date her once again.

I loved how cute and sweet Kade was with Elisa and he actually helped Skylar on her crazy business. He’s a perfect cowboy and these two deserved to be together. Skylar suffered on her past and now is having a normal life for an exchange. This book was a great addiction to the series.