The Boss and Her Billionaire - Michele de Winton

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This book is about a summer romance that became more than expected. It feels very much like an Harlequin book, but needed a bit more love and fun between these two for me to really enjoy the relationship.

Michaela is a gorgeous woman that doesn’t have fun in life and believes only work is going to make her happy. She had a bad relationship with a married man and now is working with him, so her work place is not the best, plus she lives abroad in a cruise ship. Every guy she meets is either working for her or a paying customer. Not great.

Dylan is another unhappy character. He gave up his dreams of dancing and is now the head of a multi million dollars company, family business. Plus he’s constantly dealing with his brother and his disappearing's and his sister-in-law and her feelings for him.

These sound like nice people needing a good time and to actually enjoy a moment in life without having to worry about consequences, but they didn’t match as a couple for me. She’s too insecure and he’s a mess. As friends they would be great, but the relationship was a bit forced for me.

I liked the ending and how they finally discovered reasons to live and be happy.