Silver Mine: Takhini Wolves - Vivian Arend

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I liked this book, but I expecting Evan for the next story. Don’t really consider this book really part of the Takhini pact, because Shelley was not from town and left the wolf problems a long time ago and Chase is the alpha of his misfits, so not really part of a pact neither.
Shelley left Whitehorse after being bullied her entire childhood, because she’s a half wolf and needs sex to be triggered. It was easy for the other wolfs to pick on her and once she grow up things escalated and she had to leave for safety.

Chase on the other end enjoys the nature and loves to live alone with his thoughts as company. He’s a methis and can change into two different forms, but can’t control the appearances. He’s like a lider for the pack less that leave in the wild.

I liked how these two connected and Shelley was a great girl, she never gave up and even not having her wolf to ask for help, she never run from the fight. I liked Chase and the way he handled the issues and the danger that appeared around them.

One thing I didn’t like and that’s the only reason for the absence of the 5 start. Why can’t Shelley change? She had sex, but it’s like there’s something missing in her. I just wanted for her to be complete with her wolf and Chase.