Baby Bonanza - Maureen Child
I love Halequin books and some of this series are extra special for me, so when I discovered this one for free on Amazon, I decided it was perfect to Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge 2012. There’s also another plus, Harlequin makes great books with babies and sometimes we just want to read a HEA.

This one is no exception, and there’s even two babies. Nick Falco has only one rule for his love live, no sex with employees and that’s what happened in this book. Plus he has some mutant chromosomes because the twins are so his fault and a copy of his dimples.

I loved how Nick struggled first to accept the truth but also started to see his life with kids and started to enjoy this change. It was very fun to read how he took care of the babies and also decided to change his life. For a womanizer this was a serious change but he was so sweet with the babies and change diapers from two is very difficult at first. Fun read and a bit sweet too.