The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa
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When I first read the summary the only though crossing my mind was something along the line: “It sounds like Morganville Vampires from Rachel Caine.” But when I started reading things changed pretty fast.

I have to say that after so many ravishing reviews I expected more of this book. I read the Iron Fey series this month and loved How Julie can create an world completely different and sometimes terrifying, but The Immortal Rules was a bit dull for me. Shocking right? But sometimes I was bored, and things take like forever to happen.

The vampires rules the world but we got to actually see them only for short times, except Allie and she has more feelings like humans than vampires. I liked her and her principles. But sometimes she needs to think more of herself, because the rest won’t.

I liked Zeke, he has lived in fear and still can be gentle with kids and try to save everyone around. Jeb was someone that really made me sick, was it really necessary for him to act so uptight the hole book, and them he made a really bad them to Zeke. Totally deserved what happened.

Overall, it’s a big book and if you like vampires, try this one, but remember is more dystopia than paranormal.