Storm - Brigid Kemmerer

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Since it’s release this book has received great reviews that got me intrigued and very excited to read it. I love a dangerous and adventure packed young adult is one of my favorite kinds.

Two things made me happy in this book: the Merrick Brothers and Becca personality. She saved Chris form a beating and never gave up to understand and help these strange kids in her town, even when everyone left them. But her trust and her abilities were also very surprising and made gripping to know what she was and how she could help them. Very mysterious.

The brothers are something called Elementals and they can understand and communicate with some very powerful sources. Each brother is connected with one of these - water, earth, fire and air- and the other people who also have affinity to an element fears them for their control and how good they actually are.

This book has very little romance to me, because the action takes part every where and pretty much all town is against them, bad for the Merricks but also helped them to control better.

I liked how the Merrick closed ranks around the family and tried to keep every one save, even when people where hurting them. They are loyal and very cute sometimes. I really liked the bridge scene, very well done and so absurd for an adult to create that kind of chaos just because.