Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep

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I liked this book and it’s not a surprise since I loved Jennifer Estep Mythos Academy series, but what made me giddy for the end was Gin to fully accept her life and try to live with her past.

She’s an assassin and a damn good at it, but what made her this way is simply the only thing she can not forget, her family was murdered and she was tortured but the killer is still a mystery and she tried to survive on the streets and the only person to help her, transformed her in a killer.

She’s also an elemental, but what I liked was the fact she doesn’t use her powers to kill, only her body and she’s really good in the killing part, almost merciful. I liked how honest she is and that her jobs are usually with the lowlife bastards that got unpunished by society.

This book Gin was trying to save herself and discover who killed her mentor. She was caught in the middle of a crazy game and she was not happy about it, but I liked the way she handled things and how smart she is. Detective Caine was a pleasant surprise and I was happy with his motives. People were also trying to kill him and Gin decided to help him and of course it was a lot difficult, because they have a bad history behind.

There’s also a bit of steamy in the book, between the detective and Gin, but will definitely see more of him and his thoughts. He’s too good and doesn’t believe people can be bad, sometimes. He clearly doesn’t exist.

I liked the book and the investigation was fast and complete. Gin was awesome. A strong girl and decided.