Kiss of Frost - Jennifer Estep

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I think I finished this book faster than the first two. It was so great and the story was really evolving. Plus there are some parts that I can’t help but laugh. Gwen is growing up and now she has more friends than ever.

Gwen is now learning everything she can on how to fight. Logan is her tutor and that brought two new characters to the story. Oliver and Kenzie are both Spartans and great friends of Logan. At first they were just like all the other posh students making fun of Gwen, but once I discovered why they act that way it really good to understand more from them and they became allies, not going to say friends because it’s over the top.

Gwen and Logan relationship is worst than ever because now he’s dating Savannah and they are kissing every single minute Gwen looks at him. It’s horrible how he treats her just to hide a secret. But once the danger is greater that ever he actually helps and things became really steamy between these two.

Daphne is still crazy in love and her dating with Carson continues pretty good. It was fun to see how much she became more friendly and dangerous. She’s always helping Gwen plus she’s a Valkyrie and super strong, but on this book she was just a friend and didn’t got involved in the battle.

The book had more battles than the first and we got to see how difficult Gwen’s life will be now that she accepted her destiny and became a Champion. And after she got involved in Jasmine Ashton dead and discovered the whole family is on Loki’s side. Danger comes from everywhere and the academy is not that save anymore.