Bitter Blood - Rachel Caine
My Thoughts:
I liked Claire, she’s smart, a bit young but knows how to handle things as an adult, and since she’s only 16 her parents though it was better for her to start college in Texas, close to home. And that how she end up in Morganville, where things are very different at night.

After everything she’s been through with those mean popular girls one especially bad day makes her decides to change things. And no we are not talking about revenge, Claire is a sweet girl after all, she’s just trying to run and find a new place to stay because the dorm seams impossible.

That’s how she finds herself in a lot of trouble. Things are very different on the city and the house where she finds a place to stay people are specially complicated.

I found this book a good surprise, but them it must be good since the author is already writing the #12. After so much talking and writing about vampires I can’t stop reading about them. For years I’ve loved Buffy and in those times vampires didn’t had the same status as now. And after so many good books this one was special. The world is well written and the characters have guts and strong minds.

Can I just say that I loved Michael since the first page but Shane not so much. And Eve is perfect. In a town where everyone is afraid of the vampires or just following the rules, she made them look ridiculous and decided to be unique.