Wish Upon a Star - Sarah Morgan
The book shares two stories named after the principal female characters and are set in Lake District. The first one is Christy and she's struggling with career, husband and kids. The second is Miranda who just moved to the neighborhood and now is having problems deciding which feelings to follow towards Jake.

Funny thing about the stories is that Jake is godfather of Christy kids, so he's a support character on the first story and finally gets he's happy ending on the second story, finding love with Miranda.

Christy has been struggling with a job she doesn’t like, a husband that’s always working, two kids, one is almost teenager and worst of all, and she’s only 32, a whole life ahead of her. So the book is around Christmas, the children decided to spend on daddy’s house, but the true, is that they’re meddling to get mommy and daddy together again.

Christy discovers that she can’t live in London, so during the holidays while helping on the hospital she decides to return and live in Lake District once again, and almost everyone tries to help her get back with Alessandro.

Loved this one, some moments was very fun, especially since the kids decided to “help”, but others had the right peace of feelings, love and understanding.

Miranda took me some time to really feel the book. Jake sounds since the first book, like a perfect guy who just wanted one thing from life, find the woman to live and raise kids together; he once was in love with Christy and since them no one, really made him feel in love, until he found Miranda almost dying in the snow on Christmas day. He took her home and fought really hard from the begging until the very end, for her to understand that his feelings were real.

Miranda has suffered a lot in her life and the book explains that really well, but she took a long time to follow her heart. It’s interesting, but in the books I always cheer for the guy to discovers his feelings and in this one I was cheering for the girl, not that I liked her, but I wanted a happy ending for Jake.