No Holds Barred - Callie Croix

The book started with pretty powerful words, a conversation between Caitlin and her fiancè Nathan, about his desire to share her with another man. Since before their relationship Nathan has been adventurous about his sex life Caitlin started to fear he was becaming bored.

But on the contrary Nathan is every girls dream, ex-military, pays attention to Caitlin reads and because off that realised that deep down she has fantasies about a treesome, so because off that he decided to give a little help, could he be any more perfect?

Caitlin was not a prude, and her sex life with Nathan was anything from vanilla, taking from anal sex to a light bondage, se tried a bit off everything. This treesome was really something she was thinking, but didn't have the courage to do it. Nathan's push was all that she needed.

I found Nathan a bit of contradiction, while he's very dominant in bed for the rest off things he's also light, washes dishes after dinner, put clothes on the wash hamper (sounds like the perfect men hmmm)

When Lian appear in the midlle off a steamy kisses, Nathan realises is the perfect moment to push Caitlin to face what she really wants, and boy those guys really know how to work together. They only need head nods to make a point.

I loved how Nathan handled the situation, especially Caitlin fears for the after relationship and his own jealousy, and still continous with a normal friendship. Also loved the fact that Callie put the last chapter on Nathan's POV, so we can see that he's also affected by their treesome, differently from the reast of the book that's all in Caitlin.

Hope this one has a sequel, cause Nathan found his happily ever after, but Lian still suffer to really connect with a woman on a relationship level.

Despite being a novel, I fealt better reading this book knowing they where already on a preview relationship, and tried a different thing.