Three Days, Two Nights - M.J. Fredrick
Natt spend years in the Air Force living his dream, but while doing this his wife was neglected. So one day when he get home after a job, she asked for the divorce.

The book start one year after the divorce, Natt decided to fight for Tess, so he quit his job and opened a flying bussines with a friend. Tess always loved Natt but couldn't stay in a relationship that's falling to pieces, so she left him and started to work for a big company.

The book was very emotional in some cases, while Tess and Natt tryed to discover and deals with their fellings and emotions after so long away and talk about why she left and other fears, but also really sexy book, these two sure has a chemistry and sex on the sand can be very tricky.

Short and sweet book, but very satisfying since they had a relationship before the story feels right and they strugle to find thei place after so long and glue their life together ance again.