Double Shot - Christine d'Abo
Sadie is the owner off a coffee shop along with her brother and sister in Toronto Queer West District, same block as Mavericks, a sex club where Paul, has friends and visits quite a lot. Sadie has been dreaming about Paul for long ten years, and never thought he would ever see her as more than just friends. They first met throught Rachel, Paige best friend who at the time was dating a friend of Paul, indulging in the scene.

After some time without a girlfriend and not really enjoying the scene at the moment, Paul started to second guess his choices, so when Josh, owner of Mavericks and one off Paul's pals, hints that he's relationship with Sadie may be more than a friendship things take a different turn.

Paul invites Sadie to do a bakery job in one off Mavericks party's and decides to junp the bridge off jus a relationship on her territory. Loved the fact that he's very sutil, asking simple questions first about her desires, making her more hot and steamy day by day.

When Paul asked for a special thing, a cake of a women torso's, I didn't though nothing off it, but it became really fun when Ian, Sadie brother, named it Boobs.

I liked the fact that the story is played from Sadie POV, and since is her first time in the scene her thoughts and fellings changes everythig, especially since she has loved Paul for a long time. Loved how Paul really gives in to the moment not really caring for rules, just felling and following on insticts. And Josh, who was picked as the third knows exactly what to do in the scene and with Paul afterwards for th benefit of a relationship with Sadie after that night.