Succubus On Top  - Richelle Mead
I liked the fact that Georgina has found a way to continue her relationship with Seth, even though sex is a big issue for most couples, for this is huge problem taking in consideration that Seth is a good guy and make it harder for Georgie to control herself, as seen in the last book, how bad it almost ended.

Also another plus fact for this book, is the drug problem, especially since they live in a different kind of world and the author find a way to speak about the drugs problem, envolving especially the artists.

Another then, I wish for just one book that Jerome and Carter could speak freealy about what is happening, cause is weird how quiet and the looks they share. At least a little suspect.

This one didn't exactly finish in one cliff, but at least leave open to another one on the series.

You Might Enjoy This Book If:

You liked the first one and couldn't put it down, plus there are vampires and angels in this series, how could ot be better?