Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian
Lucan is irresistible, a sexy, very old, with a dark past and secrets off his on. The book explain about the past and how Lucan has dealt with his father and others vampires aliens. That's right, the first vampires were originally aliens and after arriving on earth and starting to destroy the population by their bloodlust and sexual desires.

Lucan was a son from this aliens vampires, and is considered a gen one vampire, from first genaration. After seeing what the aliens were capable off, he created a group of Breed to destroy this evil from earth.

Years after that he is still part of that group, and continuous to protect the humans and others Breed from Rogues, vampires who gave in to the blodlust, that way killing they're victin after drinking their blood.

One night during a patrol in the city Lucan destroy a group of rogues outside a party and that's when he meets Gabrielle.

Gabrielle has been out with her friends celebrating the big sucess of her pictures, when she watchs a group of rogues killing a human, and after that her life is in dangerous cause they know she is not just a human.

Lucan needs to watch over Gabrielle to make sure she stays alive, and thats when they start to have fellings for each other. Lucan fights against it, because of his past and Gabrielle discover a new world a very different life, and start to understand the danger of everything.

I loved how this book introduced the other members of the group and this is a very recommended serie.