Blood Promise  - Richelle Mead
In one sentence: Lissa is nothing without Rose.

So far this is my favorite book on the series, and I love they the caracters are growing.

This book continues where Shadow Kiss left, with Rose living St. Vladimir after her birthday and going after Dimitri to end his misery.

Rose discover lots of things on her travel. First there's a new caracter, Sydney Sage, an alquimist, who is responsible to clean after the guardians (news to Rose and us). Second there's Abe Mazur, he dresses like a pimp or mob, and nobody really nows why he shows, but everything is explained in the end.

Rose's live in Russia is not what I would expect. Dimitri wants to turn her into a Strigoi like him so they con live together. But one reason that stop her is Lissa. Things happen really fast after she realize that Lissa needs her and return to St. Vladimir is the only way. So she tries to escape, and thinks Dimitri is dead after their fight. But when she receives a note with a D as only signature, she knows he's after her.

I think that's one reason why I like this series, the author give us explanaitions about the story and past that lead the caracters now.

Lissa continues on school but is heartbroken after Rose left, and when a new person show up and they became friends, it shows to me at least that Rose suffers more than her, for their time apart. Avery Lazar is royalty like Lissa and they have interesting things in commun, but I still don't like the who weak she is.