Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead
Is the third book in Vampire Academy series. I loved the action scenes, romantic ones but the end keep me hanging for the next one.

We discover on this book that Rose/Lisa bond is not a easy thing on them. Rose start having problems with humor, not that she had a great one from the beginning.

Rose start to keep secrets from Lisa and this part I didn't like, but understad why she does it(she has a fierce protection for her friend).

She has battles of her on, by seeying dead people and felling when strigoi are near by. Deal with the lost off a friend is difficult, but seeying him, makes it harder.

I still think Lisa is imature, and the end of this book shows exactually what I think, she doesn't know Rose's relationship with Dimitri, especially because she only cares about herself. Lisa's attitude shows that she is selfish and out of control with her emotions. Christian is still with her, and helps a lot Lisa.

Rose and Christian fight in the big battle that happens on the school, making their friendship a bit better.

Dimitri shows more fellings towards Rose, making it difficult to live without each other.