Shadowed (Dark Protectors, #6) - Rebecca Zanetti
I feel in love with this series and ever since the ending of Twisted we can see that Jase is in a bad shape and needs some hepl after all the drama he went throught with the Demons, but now the world is a little different and the Kairs are in war with pratially everybody. That’s why the king asked hm to mate with Brenna, to unite even more the vampires with the witches.

Brenna is in a bad shape and can’t acess her powers anymore, she has a few more months of life and this mating is possibly the last chance she has to fight the poison inside her, but Jase also has a problem and since he was kidnapped he can control the elements. This mating was supposed to help the both, but things are not that sinple and now everybody is after Brenna.

I liked this book so much. It was amazing seeing all the Kayrs family again and Jase was such a ncie guy even after everything. Brenna was a huge help for him, and these two are so cute together. The war is still going strong, but the demons and the kurjans are losing more each day.