Big Jack - J.D. Robb,  Susan Ericksen
This is only a novella but it actually took me awhile to really get into the story, maybe because this is book two and I had no idea at first, but Eve was very fast in discovering the killer and following the evidences. I just never really got to the case, I think.

This is the follow up in a heist case od diamonds and a quarter was disappeared for years, but now one of the heirs decided to write a story and a crazy person is killing to get information and steal the diamonds. So Eve is following the leads and now Peabody is her partner since she made detective, but I actually didn’t see any difference, she’s more a shadow than anything in this case.

Roarke is once again helping but their relationship wasn’t very commented on this novella. So not a complete failure, because is an Eve investigation, but it was just an okay book for me.