Awakenings (Elemental Series #1) - Hally Willmott
I do love a great fantasy book and this one has lots of strange things without explanations happening every time. But the best part is for me was learning about a new world or as this case, a different dimension. I really liked Jacey and the story kept me hooked on her discovering's and the challenges she faced every day, but it took me awhile to actually get in the book, hence the 4 star rating.

Jacey is so full of live and she’s mostly not afraid of her future and what magic may bring to her life, it was really interesting seeing things happening and how much she suffered after her parents died right in the begin, but Jacey went through with her life and discovered a great deal of danger and drama.

I also liked Hudson and Jen, they are perfect as friends and family, both are very supportive and protective, but I liked how things turned for these two. I had some surprises toward the end of the book, but things were awesome.