Beg For It (Pact of Seduction, #2) - Stacey Kennedy

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The first book on this series was really good and now we get to see how Bella fulfills her fantasy since this hole thing was her idea.

This book was not what expected because we started thinking Bella’s fantasy was having sex with another women, but everything changed and now we get to see her with uber sexy Dom Kole.

At first it was a surprise for me because she doesn’t act much submissive but things turned better than ever after I realized that these two have a really great chemistry, plus he made her surrender in such a glorious way.

In the first book we met him and I got the felling we would be seeing him again, but not with Bella, since he’s desire for pain is very strong and in this book he was very gentle and not everything he could be because he wanted her so bad and since is her first time in BDSM he tried to be strong but not excessive.

I liked these two together and the spicy scenes were really good, plus Bella needed to deal with some issues from her past and Kole was the perfect person to help her.

Cant wait for the next book now.