Famously Engaged - Robyn  Thomas
I feel like I’m the only one who loved this book and was kinda hoping we could have a series with the rest of the band, but people really hated the plot.

I liked Jake, but I really loved Beth. She’s caring and have been throught so much in this past two years, but handled everything so weel, even after the entire band moved to her house. This story is actually set in Australia and I love to travel in the romances and met different countries, but this book was more like a one scenerio theme.

Everything is handled from inside Beth house after Jake made it look like they are secretly engaged, just because he’s jeaulous off Beth relationhip with her ex, strange right and now you are wondering what he has to do with those two?

Beth’s ex is now marrying Jake’s half-sister, but the problem is more than just that because his sister has no idea about the family link and thinks his just the boss. Crazy story, but I loved the romance and Jake is just a great guy that sufered a lot, so he deserved a nice girl.