Tall, Dark, and Divine (Bagging a Greek God, #1) - Jenna Bennett
I love a good mythology book and this book delivery a nice romance with a twist of magic too. Eros was a nice touch too because the guy is a Greek God responsible for making couples and he’s afraid of a little girl after the way Pisque left him.

Don’t get me wrong I honestly understand his fears, but the guy can have any woman and we can clearly see how much he fight to get alone. Eternity alone sucks.

Annie is a nice girl and I liked the fact she’s just a chef, a dog chef. Makes her more human, if that’s even possible, but Eros fought almost the hole book to get her a nice boring guy.

These two were actually really hot together and Eros is definitely a God, but I liked the ending and how things moved fast for this couple. The sidekicks were a nice change and I can’t wait for Baco to finally fall in love.