Operation: Endurance (When the Mission Ends, #3) - Christi Snow
Finally it’s Chris book and we got to see again all the family and cry a little in some points. Let’s face it, this was the most emotional book in the series, maybe because it’s the last one, or maybe because Chris suffered so much and he deserved a happy ending. And I hoping for some babies and weddings and of course and bad guy too.

Maybe I’m lunatic, but Chris has been through a lot in last year and a half, so a do over in a relationship was more than necessary and we all got to see that Julie was also facing a few demons after some stuff happened in her childhood, but these two are so cute together. They helped each other heel and are such nice couple.

I had a few thoughts along the book of who was responsible for the deaths and was so nervous in the last chapters after I realized he would get Julie, I definitely cheering for Chris to show up and save the day. This was my favorite book and I want more of this family, maybe the next generation?