Conspiracy in Death  - J.D. Robb, Susan Ericksen
This was the scariest book so far for me, because we can see Eve losing her connection and the situations she finds herself in are nearly as dramatic and dangerous than the previous books, but this one left me in tears several times way past my bedtime hours.

We can see a series of deaths, suspicious deaths when the killer took an organ as the souvenir and Eve decided to investigate deeply because the incisions were too much clean, like in a medical way clean, so she decided to follow this lead in the hotshots league, the transplant surgeons area, with Roarke helps, because as always he owns a few places with connections.

I felt like Eve was being attacked left and right during this book. A former classmate from the academy that left anger and jealousy take place decided to say lies about Eve in the television and showed up death, so we can see Eve as a suspect of murdering another cop, but not one of her friends believed in this and decided to investigate.

So Eve was suspended during a very dangerous investigation and completely lost herself for nearly a day, and the only person responsible to bring her back was Roarke with loving words and actions. He was really helpful during this investigation and we can see Eve trusts more of her life in his hands.

I loved this book and was cheering in the end for Eve to get better.