Callahan Cowboy Triplets (Harlequin American Romance) - Tina Leonard
One more Callahan book to the series and this one was a bit strange for me. Several reasons actually. But the first thing that never leaves my mind is the fact Wolf kidnapped River and she was pregnant with three babies. But the worst part was the fact Tighe didn’t do a thing for about three months. Come on, do you have any idea what it takes to a woman body a multiple pregnancy and nobody in the family seemed to care about that.

Also very strange was the fact Tighe had to marry her just because she got pregnant. He was never into the marriage and kids thing, but now is a must for yesterday. Didn’t match his character. And I liked him more before this kidnapping thing. He was more normal and didn’t actually believed the legends and other strange stories. But I just can’t let go the fact they simply let her there. And if I were River, marriage would need to wait until that man groveled enough.