Stern - Brenda Jackson
I loved JoJo, she’s determined and fight for what she wants, but more importantly, is the fact she fell in love with her best friend and that could change everything but I liked the way she took control and decided to make him jealous.

Stern definitely deserved to suffer a little bit, especially after all those women he dated and how much he pushed JoJo to the friends only. She is a beautiful woman, but was raised by her father only and he was a mechanic, so she’s more a town boy and that made it really hard for men to actually notice her.

Those other Westmoreland decided to help her and she clean up nice, but I liked the fact Stern decided to look out for her and followed with this crazy plan. These two were so right for each other. This story is common, but I loved JoJo, so I was cheering for her.