Thread of Death - Jennifer Estep
Another novella in this series but this one was different because showed different POVs during the events of Mab funeral. We can see Gin, Jonah McAllister and Phillip Kincaid thoughts.

This was a fast and full of action scene. We can see several underground bosses trying to occupy Mab’s place, but for one day the decided to play nice and visit the funeral. Including the one second hand of Mab, Jonah McAllister, now unemployed and looking for a new boss.

Everything was going fine when a sniper decide to sharp shooting at Gin and a few other Bosses, so of course everyone ducked for cover and Gin did her best. But unfortunely he didn’t share the name of his employer.

Things are not over and after Gin says her final words to the finally deceased Mab Monroe, a few dwarfs decide to finish Gin. Another attack and we can see Gin in action. Phillip Kincaid was still on the area and is now convinced about the Spider real name. looks like trouble is coming in Gin’s way.