Merry Sexy Christmas: Overtime LoveEX-mas ReunionA Holiday Affair - Beverly Jenkins, Kayla Perrin, Maureen Smith
Overtime Love by Beverly Jenkins

I loved this novella. This was fun and I fell in love with Drew and Tasha. This is such a cute little couple and both of them knows exactly what works and they work hard to succeed. It was really nice to see a successful business woman fall in love, but still hold to her independence. She worked really hard to prove in the begin to prove how good she could make the time and it was great on the outcome.

Ex-mas Reunion by Kayla Perrin

Not my favorite novella, but it had a cute reunion. It was a little boring and things took forever to actually happen, but I liked Damien and his struggles to understand and accept Kendra. But Kendra was not my favorite character because it felt like she was pushing everyone away in her hole life.

A Holiday Affair by Maureen Smith

I liked this story, because it showed this both really great character working to find a way to actually be together. These are opposing sides, but they were really hot together and deserved to be happy, because their life story was so sad, especially Colby. It was nice to see him working on his problems from the past and trying to find closure for some of his darkest nightmares.