Hammer It Home - Jayne Rylon
Last book on this series and I discovered the last two were the best, maybe because they were longer or just maybe because the crew is all together to help someone or just to mess around.

Last book ended when we discovered Kate and Mike were expecting a baby, of course everyone was happy but Morgan and Joe can’t conceive and things are getting a little difficult for this couple, so as always the crew came to the rescue and they decided to enjoy a night of donating sperm the old way.

This book felt like the most emotional and we happy more than just sex and love. Dave had a car accident and everyone is really sad about it, but it so nice watching the crew coming together to help Kayla and Dave, they are all really like a family.

Plus we met the cousins from Canada and they made a pretty good entrance to this different world. I think there could be a book very soon about the Cobra.