Calling The Shots - Christine d'Abo
We first met Josh on Double Shot and discovered a bit more about him during the series while all the other couples visited Mavericks, his club for erotica and BDSM members. I loved him with Sadie and Paul and it was clear that he needed more than just one partner to be happy, but at the same time we can see it’s tormenting him what people could say about this strange arrangement.

So he suffered for awhile and it took a lot of convincing from Beth and Oliver to actually make things happen. I can totally understand because he was worried about who work would be after everyone noticed he’s two employs were very happy on his bed.

There’s was also a little bit of suspense while Josh investigate who broke into the club and sprayed the walls with nasty words. So upon all this he was dealing with his feelings and trying to understand how things could work on the future.

I loved Josh, but I think he was too hung up on what people would think, while he was so sure about his partners and decided to worry ahead off time, didn't actually match him.