Royally Romanced - Marie Donovan
I always feel like the best romances are the ones with Princes or Sheikh's falling madly in love with a normal and very intelligent girl, because let’s face it, there about hundred of different countries out there (including the fiction types) and only a bunch of princess. Odds are always for the smart and pretty ones.
So this book brought two off my favorites things, princes and clothes. Sometimes I just love clothes and those times were people dressed up just because it was fashion. The fifties for me was the best decade and I dress like that a lot, so it was really fun to read all those fun matches that Renata made.
Back to the romance part I really liked how Georgio became worried about his health and decided to change his habits to live better and longer, especially because he thought how much it would facet his family.
But the trip to Italy and how dotting and sexy Georgio became was so special. He’s like a dream come true and the best part is he really listen to everything Renata said and liked her just the way she is, with boobs and a not so perfect body.