Vision In White: Book One in the Bride Quartet - Nora Roberts
Could a book be consireded more romantic than one featuring a wedding photographer and how she discovered love and a helthy relationship? Because I think this book is the ultimate love affair and these two characther deserved every moment of love they found.

I loved Mac and her friends! It's refreshining to see these four friends open a business together and still live next to each other, they are more like a family and they take care of each other too. It's sweet and very funny watch them create the magic of a perfect wedding reception.

Mac has serrious problems with her family, especially her mother and the way she abused her trust over the years, so it's easy to say that's the reason she's scared of a relationship and Carter made her swoon so badly that all she could do was run away.

I kinda fell in love with Carter because he's pretty damn perfect. A doctor and a teacher, he's more happy making other people fell in love with the characthers and he actually is a good teacher, as proven during the book. And he has a cat, with only three legs, because he saved him after a hit and run. Could he be more perfect?

I liked these two together. It was really fun to see Carter without words and Mac trying really hard not to overthink things and just let it roll.