Spider’s Revenge  - Jennifer Estep
Finally the big finale for the revenge Gin Blanco is planning against Mab Monroe. I have to say that I’m surprise the author decided to make the fight so soon in the story, but it was full of emotion and so powerful. We can see Gin doubt during the book but I was pretty sure she would end up on top with her name still intact.

Owen was my favorite character during this book, he’s so sweet and loveable in a very manly way. He’s strong and so in love with Gin that we can see him fighting giants just to protect her. He proved several times that he’s perfect for her and we also discovered her life was connected with his way earlier than Gin had considered.

We can also see Bria coming to terms with Gin job and finally giving in to Finn, although for me it was at the wrong time, but she deserved someone carefree like him to chase the ghosts of her past away. Also several of Gin friends make an appearance on this book, like Roslyn, Jo-Jo.

Everyone was really important to make possible the grand finale against Mab, but the only way Gin could win, was once she accepted her dual elementals and learned how to fight with them in her favor.

Oh, and a very special appearance for me was the perfect way the author managed to include Fletcher on the end. He was very important to help Gin became the best and make possible her attack on Mab.