Two to Love - Sophie Oak
This series is really growing on me, the first book was a little better but there’s something different and particularly fantasy like about this city with all these people and their friendship and acceptance. I ‘m falling in love with Bliss after each book.

It’s a bit insane readying about a ménage that actually work, but this one was more difficult than the first book. Nathan and Zane are like brothers and they worked together for years, but it’s really different to fall in love with the same woman and think about a future together, talk about crowded place.

This book has a little of suspense and dangerous, just like the first one and we can see again the city coming for help every time. Callie was a really nice girl in the first book and we discovered that she helps everyone in town with talks and solving problems, She’s a really great girl and when she got involved with those bikers, so the town decided to give back without a thought.

For me the ménage was like a second story, but deserved more talk. They decided some things in the moment and I think a little more talking would be nice for this trio.