Three to Ride - Sophie Oak
My first book from Sophie Oak and I really liked her way of creating a story. This is a ménage story and it’s sounds so different that is fun to read and enjoy how this relationship could work. Max and Rye are brothers and very aware that they need a woman to share for the rest of their life, it’s not only for fun, but it’s getting real hard to find the one, so now they decided, more like Max can’t handle another failure, to split their relationships.

Rachel is actually running away from a stalker and that is a recurring theme, because it’s always the same, she has to change name and hair and hope to be safe for a little while, working in diners and living with only thoughts of the next city to run, but Rachel made the mistake of falling in love with Max, with that’s nothing wrong, but Rye is worried about this girl and since he’s the sheriff, he decided to discover a bit about her past. The thing is Rachel stalker is actually a cop and he found out really fast about the little town she’s now hiding and decided to pay her a visit.

So the book is more than just a little kinky sex, and the investigative part was actually really good, but I liked Max and Rye relationship better than anything. They are brothers, but they fight too and Max is actually a very funny guy half the time, so Rachel was real lucky and these two are perfect together.