The Prince & The Pregnant Princess (Silhoutte Special Edition Desert Rogues #1473) - Susan Mallery
I liked Cleo from the first book, but this showed a different side of the fun and careless girl. She was adopted by Zara’s mother and ever since was considered part of the family but one night she shared her story and we can see that she wants more from life than just one-night stand. She wants someone to love her for who she is and this time she has to handle Prince Sadik.

Ever since he discovered she is pregnant and he’s sure the baby is his-because she could never have sex with anyone else without remembering him, so why bother right? He’s has a bit of a huge ego and thinks the world is centered in his family, but he also has some dark secrets and is afraid most of the time.

I liked the love story and how far it took for Sadik to actually realize he was in love with Cleo and not just married because it was convenient and he didn’t want a bastard child. He was sweet and very hot during her pregnancy and it was fun to watch him saying his son would know better than to do something bad.

I liked this one, but maybe it’s because I always like a book when there’s a baby.