The Sheik and the Runaway Princess - Susan Mallery
I had a few problems with this book and was a little lost at first. It’s strange that Kardal has the same last name as the other sheikh’s mentioned on the previous books, but his ife is completely different and his also a prince of the desert. It took me some time to actually understand the reasons, but I don’t believe it was necessary for him to use his father name.

Other point I did not like was the way Kardal treated Sabrina. Yes, she was raised on the States but that does not mean she’s a bad person, but every moment he could, he acused her of something terrible, like lying cheating. I did not like also the way prince Hassan treated her. She’s his daughter and if she does not act as he expected why did he let her go. As a king his children should all be raised in the palace, but he let Sabrina mother take her to the States and still she want’s treated really good.

I hated the way Kardal lied to her the entire and still considered her to be spoiled. He does as he wants and she is always wrong according to his rules. I think he deserved to suffer a little more to actually understand what it felt for Sabrina to discover another lying person in her life.