The Sheik's Secret Bride (Desert Rogues, #3) - Susan Mallery
It was a bit strange at first how Malik became a bit obsessed with Liana, but he became the good guy when he learned about love with her little girl. He was very slow to understand that people trust and fall in love, but him those two things were practically nothing and he suffered quite a bit before finally surrendering.

I liked Liana and how normal she is. The reason that brought her to El Bahar was a job in a very exclusive school that could make possible to save enough to send her little on her merry way to college. Don’t get me wrong she’s only eight, but her father is not present in the child's life and her mother have to make ends meet.

Malik is next to be king, but he was never treated like a kid and doesn’t know much about feelings and relationships, I blame all this on the king because he treated his son real bad and expected the child to act like and adult while he had only four.

I liked Malik discovering his feelings and finding happiness, but the rest was a bit dull.