The Sheik's Arranged Marriage (Desert Rogues, #2) - Susan Mallery
I liked Heidi form the begin, but was a little strange to see her dress herself that bad, while she was raised to begin the next princess. She’s smart and funny, plus spent several years in college preparing herself to work on El Bahar old documents. She could dress better and know more about the King plans.

I agree that she’s the perfect match for Prince Jamal, even if they don’t exactly know each other, but an arranged marriage is very normal for this royalty and they accepted because the King said so.

Their honeymoon didn’t start very good and we see Heidi trying to really hard to actually live with her husband. Jamal was once married but his wife treated him really bad and only wanted the position she could have when marrying royalty, so a few sentences Heidi said made Jamal think she was just like his deceased ex.

But I loved when Heidi decided to work for her marriage and created a new person to seduce her husband into a relationship, my only problem were the lies. I would prefer if she had done that with her own name, without making him believe she was someone else.

But at the end I actually liked their relationship.