The Sheik's Kidnapped Bride (Desert Rogues, No. 1) - Susan Mallery
Nora was just a girl running after she discovered her fiancé was an asshole and treated her really bad because he was never in love with her and was just pretending all the time just to keep his job, but it was really unusual how she asked for a ride with Prince Khalil and he said yes.

He wasn’t the best person in the begin of the story but I could feel his frustrations, first at his secretary that only wanted to sleep with him and enjoy his fortune, but the worst part was his fiancé. He was betrothed to her since childhood because her family was very important for the country and his job as a prince included think of the country needs first.

The girl, Amber is a piece of work, because she fuck with any male, even Khalil’s brother and doesn’t even pretend to be a good girl. It’s really interesting to see how she wove a net around him and there was no way he could escape the marriage because it would be real bad.

But I liked the way he seduced Nora, my only problem was the fact he didn’t explained to her about Amber and his reasons for a rush wedding in the first place. She never guessed anything and it was strange watching her discovering his lies and thinking it was her fault.

I liked their relationship, Nora had trouble acpteing the reasons why Khalil had married her in the first place, but I enjoy his wooing days. The best part was his reaction on the last page. Oe thing that could had been handled earlier on the book was the Amber situation. I don’t see a reason to let her cause more problems. But that’s just me…