Holiday in Death  - J.D. Robb, Susan Ericksen
Holiday season for Eve and Roarke, but murderers never take a break and this is the first real case Eve is handling after her disability retreat. Yes, Eve is fine after the bastard tried to kill her and now she's tired of staying home, so she returned to work three weeks after almost dying and is ready to jump on the next investigation.

But this serial killer is attacking people almost at random and it took some time for Eve to connect the deaths and even longer to actually discover who did it. I liked this investigation and Eve suffered a lot during this case because the homicides were not simple and the victims were raped before strangulation.

So is a little close to home for Eve to investigate this, and it took a big effort for her to discover clues and follow the pieces. Also Eve is struggling with her first Christmas in the mansion and Roarke is all about parties and presents.

I liked to see this different side of Eve and the case was very distinct too