Kept - Shawntelle Madison
This book was an improvement to the first on the series. Because Coveted was a bit to slow for my taste and Natalya was just annoying in some moments with her doubts about Thorn. Luckily we can see how much she changed and her therapy is helping her along with her new friends.

I loved the plot for the rescue and how Natalya needed to save her father life and the best part for me was she managed most of the book without Thorn help or his ability to just show up and try to save her.

I love a good road trip with friends and this one had some serious actions that made everything more surprising and dangerous. I still think she should stay with Nick, because he definitely shows more how he feels and it’s not stuck in some marriage.

The end was a big moment for me and it actually flew big for how fast I read it. The pace felt lighter and more attuned to the action, so when I discovered the last chapter was ending it was a great regret not knowing if or when I would see Natalya again.

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